Easy DIY Project Ideas

Our DIY section is packed with simple DIY projects that can be accomplished with little to no cost. Why spend money when you can do it yourself!

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Simple Frugal Recipes

These simple recipes can please your taste and save your budget all at the same time. Check out our Frugal Recipe section and start saving today!

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Budgeting Made Easy

Want to cut your budget down? Want to find areas that you can save money and put more money back in your pocket? Check out our Frugal Budgeting section?

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Wendy’s Key Tags

Wendy’s is having their $2.00 Key Tags for sale this holiday season. With these tags you receive free Jr. Frosty treats all year! You just slip them on your key ring or backpack and your all set. Just show it when paying for your order.This promotion also supports foster children. This makes the deal even

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Eggnog Sugar Cookies

It’s that time of the year to start planning what Christmas cookies to bake. How about adding eggnog sugar cookies to your list? They have a hint of eggnog taste that makes them interesting. Some folks are fans of eggnog and some are not. With it being baked into the cookies it may just surprise

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CVS Deals

Great Score! I got all these products at the CVS Black Friday Sale, over $80.00 worth and only paid $5.68! The 3 day sale will end this Saturday so get all your CVS Extra Care Bucks, coupons and stock up. This is one of CVS’s best shopping days. They offer so many items that you

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DIY Christmas Stocking Stand

I’m always looking for a creative way to display our family stockings, I have a large family need and something to hold all the stockings. I came across an idea to use a wooden fence post and with a few easy steps you can make this Christmas stand. It can also be painted in Christmas

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Mini Candy Cane Treats

What a cute idea to use candy canes to hang these treats. They look yummy gathered on a plate or hanging off a mug of hot chocolate. This recipe is for Rice Krispie Treats that are rolled into snowballs. You could also use this idea of the candy canes to pop into some store bought

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SPENCER, NY - AUGUST 10:  A supermoon rises through the trees on August 10, 2014 in Spencer, New York.  In the second supermoon or perigee moon as it is also known of the summer, the moon appears 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger than normal.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Super Moon 2016

Check out the Super Moon overnight tonight into Monday November 14. It’s super because it’s the closet full moon to earth since 1948. The next Super Moon will be in 2034 and interestingy enough this Super Moon will be 30% brighter than normal So get outside to see this beautiful view of the moon, and be

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Homemade Air Freshener

Have you tried my homemade air freshener? So easy to make and maybe use a nice Fall scent like pumpkin scent. Items Needed:     Distilled water (I found mine in the grocery store on sale for .59¢ a gallon)     Any scented Essential oil or fragrance oil (Only 1.00 at Dollar Tree)     Empty Spray

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